Visualization Manual

The Basics

  • Controls: Mouse
    • Rotate: Left click and drag the screen.
    • Pan: Right click and drag the screen.
    • Zoom: Scroll wheel up and down.
  • Controls: Touchscreen
    • Rotate: Single finger touch and drag the screen.
    • Pan: Two finger touch and drag the screen.
    • Zoom: Pinch screen (like you might to expand an image).
  • Play/Pause/Skip
    • Play/Pause: Press the middle button in the top left.
    • Skip Forward/Backward: Press the left/right buttons in the top left. Press and hold to fast-forward/rewind.
  • Color Options
    • White: The feature will simply be colored white.
    • Distance: A gradient from white to black, based on the features distance from the camera.
    • Pixel: The gray scale color of the feature from the first image it was seen. (Not always available.)
    • Classification: A color scheme based on the type of feature.
        For lines:
      • Green: Manhattan Lines ~ X-Axis
      • Red: Manhattan Lines ~ Y-Axis
      • Blue: Gravity Aligned Lines
  • Selecting Subsets of Features (if available)
    • Feature sets can be selected from the right-side menu, under 'Select Feature Sets'.
    • Selecting multiple sets will display the intersection of all selected sets.
    • Current Feats. are features visible from that camera pose.

Tips for Using the Visualization

  • Navigating the camera
    • In first person POV:
      • Pan and zoom are disabled.
      • Upon rotation, the camera jumps from straight ahead to straight up. From there, simply rotate back towards the image plane.
  • Slower Internet Speeds
    • Occasionally, playback speed surpasses Internet speed. Pausing the visualization for a moment should load the current image and the next few images.
    • Alternatively, try loading the visualization without images, as loading the images takes a considerable amount of extra time.

Extra Information

  • Using the visualization offline (requires obtaining a copy of the website)
    • Find your browser here and follow the instructions in order to get images to show up.
    • Open index.html as you normally would with your browser.
  • No WebGL Support
    • If you get an error message saying you do not have support for WebGL, you can likely enable it. Either Google search '<your browser name> enable WebGL' or, try using Chrome, which should have it enabled by default.